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Color Analysis & Build

Style is not all about fashion trends or the perfect body, whatever that might be. No, it's about to dress according to your shape and colors, so you feel comfortable and nice. 
This is not always as easy and extra difficult it becomes when shopping online.If you are unsure about fit, size, or the like do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you! 

Best regards!
Susanne Nilsson


A-figure is neater at the top than the bottom. You probably have& narrow shoulders and waist, small bust, and is slightly wider over the hips& and bum.

O-figure has a rounded shape and plump belly and hips. Otherwise, you probably have rounded shoulders and larger bust.

H-figure has a fairly straight line between shoulders and hips. A typical tomboy, often slim, with small breasts and no marked waist.

V-shape is wider at the top than the bottom. This means that you have a larger shoulder and chest, with narrow hips and often less bum.

X-shape has a marked waist, usually a little larger breasts and bum.Shoulders and hips are about as wide.